Systematic Growth

Grow your audience, your email list, and your customer-base with done-for-you content marketing by Upstate Interactive.

How it works


We carefully design a potent end-to-end content marketing strategy best-suited to build your audience, your traffic, and your customer-base.

Customer Research & Strategy

We construct customer personas and uncover the topics that resonate most with your customers. We then use the findings to develop a content marketing roadmap that’s uniquely tailored to suit your brand and address your customer's needs.

Marketing Automation

We’ll routinely create your content lead magnets and attract subscribers to your audience. Then we implement automated and intelligent content delivery mechanisms that convert more readers into paying customers.

Writing, Promotion & Management

We write, manage, and optimize your content (e.g., blogs, newsletters, webinars, etc) and turn it into lead-building assets that continuously further your business.


Build content that has long-lasting value and warrants your customer’s attention. Establish a methodology that’s measurable and can be optimized.

Most content marketing efforts have limited impact because they neglect a critical first step: deep customer research, forming a strategy and establishing impactful and measurable goals.

Our goal as your content marketing partner isn’t to churn out “fluff” and focus on word count. Instead, we care about making meaningful connections with individuals who will become your customers. Doing so requires we get inside their minds and learn what topics resonate most and will help them be successful.

Through qualitative interviews with you, your team and your prospective customers, we’ll identify what truly matters most to your audience.

Then, we’ll create customer personas, construct value messaging and formulate a well-researched list of topics for your content channels (e.g., blog, newsletter, social media, etc). From there, we’ll map out your marketing automation funnel, and develop a clear roadmap for how we’ll grow your audience and customer-base in the months ahead.

Research & Strategy

  • Team & Customer Interviews
  • Industry & Audience Research
  • Value Messaging
  • Marketing Automation Funnel
  • Measurable Goals
  • Editorial Calendar


Fuel audience engagement, eliminate fly-by visitors and funnel new subscribers into your audience and product.

Building a healthy email list is crucial when it comes to eliminating fly-by visitors and keeping your prospects engaged. That said, your email list is only as valuable as your relationship with your subscribers. Therefore it’s important to consistently deliver valuable content and to prevent your list from going “cold.”

To welcome visitors into your subscriber-base we create evergreen lead magnets, such as an email course. We then create an automated sequence of emails loaded with valuable content that keeps your subscribers opening them and anticipating the next.

With intelligent, behavior driven marketing automation, we craft your messages and offers based on where each individual prospect is in your sales cycle. We set up and optimize your automated workflow and keep your content growth engine running on autopilot.

Marketing Automation

  • Create Email Course Lead Magnet
  • Design Smart Marketing Automation Sequences
  • Create Measureable Calls to Action
  • Set Up Funnel and Track Key Metrics.


Have you ever tried to be chief content creator and build your business at the same time? It’s near impossible. It’s also ineffective. Get off the content “treadmill.” We’ll keep your content growth engine running without consuming your team’s time.

If you’ve been managing your company’s blog and email newsletter in-house, then you know how difficult and time-consuming it is to maintain a consistent publishing schedule. Even if you’ve outsourced to a freelance writer, you’re still stuck giving them topics and required to do all the heavy lifting associated with promotion.

Our content marketing service is designed to give you much more than just a first-rate writing team. We manage every piece of your content marketing process and ensure growth.

The content we create and the blog articles we publish are optimized to get your target customers to join your email list. Additionally, we manage writing and sending your weekly email newsletter, managing your social media posts and ensuring your content channels never go “cold”. Doing so keeps open-rates and engagement-rates high, and ultimately converts more readers into paying customers.

Writing, Promotion & Management

  • Well-researched Articles that Resonate
  • Email Newsletter Writing
  • Social Media Posting
  • Monthly Reports


In the first month we lay the foundation and architect a winning content strategy that’s custom-made for your business. We then implement the strategy and grow your audience.

  • Onboarding
  • Audience research
  • Email marketing automation
  • Email course lead magnet
  • Content calendar
  • Onboarding, setup & launch
  • $2,950 / first month
  • Professional
  • 2 blog articles per month
  • "Hot Lists" w/ your strongest leads
  • Email marketing automation
  • Monthly metrics
  • Social media promotion
  • $2,950 / mo
  • Enterprise
  • 4 blog articles per month
  • "Hot Lists" w/ your strongest leads
  • Email marketing automation
  • Monthly metrics
  • Social media promotion
  • $3,950 / mo
  • Add-ons
  • Email course lead magnet
  • Webinar
  • Infographic
  • Case study
  • Tutorial / demo
  • Contact Us

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